The New Social Environment#937

A Poem Called Poem: A Rail Reading curated by Erin Pérez

Featuring Pérez, Portlyn Houghton-Harjo, Bailey Cohen-Vera and Abby Romine


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Erin Pérez curates our 158th Wednesday Poetry Reading with Portlyn Houghton-Harjo, Bailey Cohen-Vera and Abby Romine.

In this talk

Portlyn Houghton-Harjo

A photo of a person holding a book, their face hidden behind it
Portlyn Houghton-Harjo is a Mvskoke and Seminole writer from the elusive state of Oklahoma. Her work can be found in Beaver Magazine, Yellow Medicine Review, and The Creative Field Guide to Northeastern Oklahoma, among other publications. Harjo worships Bigfoot and the natural process of decay. She is currently based in Brooklyn.

Bailey Cohen-Vera

Photo of Bailey Cohen-Vera
Bailey Cohen-Vera is a poet and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete living in Brooklyn, New York.

Abby Romine

Photo of Abby Romine holding an iPhone
Abby Romine is a sentimental poet and ceramicist from the Valley. Her work is marked by melodrama, irrelevant humor, and premature greys. You can find her online @cyb3rf33lings or in real life waiting for two parallel lines to meet. Her hair has grown long from waiting.

Erin Pérez

A photograph of Erin Perez.
Erin Pérez is prone to cavities, writes poems, and is the co-creator and co-editor of Leak Magazine alongside Tyhe Cooper. She lives in Brooklyn.

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