The New Social Environment#887

Music Instead of Emotion: A Rail reading by David Larsen and Tenaya Nasser-Frederick

Featuring Larsen and Nasser-Frederick


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

David Larsen and Tenaya Nasser-Frederick join us for our 148th Wednesday Reading.

In this talk

David Larsen

Photo of David Larsen
David Larsen is a US poet and translator, and the author of Zeroes Were Hollow (Kenning Editions, 2022). His open notebook of unpublished translations is viewable online. Currently, he is a research fellow at the Library of Arabic Literature in Abu Dhabi, where he is editing the poems of Jamil Buthaynah.

Tenaya Nasser-Frederick

Photo of Tenaya Nasser-Frederick
Tenaya Nasser-Frederick is the author of two chapbooks, Penumbra Highway (Gas Meter, 2018) and Lavender Cats (1080 press, 2020). Poems have appeared in the _Brooklyn Rail, Castle Greyskull, the Brooklyn Review, and EBB.

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