The New Social Environment#872

Hit the Lights: A Rail Reading curated by Patrick Hill

Featuring Hill, Jordan Davis, Claire DeVoogd, and Abby Romine


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Patrick Hill curates our 145th Wednesday Poetry Reading with Jordan Davis, Claire DeVoogd, and Abby Romine.

In this talk

Jordan Davis

A photo of Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis’s third collection, Yeah, No, is forthcoming in 2023 from MadHat; his chapbook Hidden Poems has just been published by If a Leaf Falls Press in the UK and another chapbook, Noise, will appear from Canada’s above/ground press before the end of the year. A former poetry editor of The Nation, he also once hosted the live talk show The Million Poems Show, and for several years in the nineties he organized the Poetry City reading series for Teachers & Writers Collaborative.

Claire DeVoogd

Black and white photo of Claire DeVoogd
Claire DeVoogd is a poet. Her debut poetry collection Via is forthcoming in Fall of 2023 from Winter Editions. A chapbook, Apocalypses 1-12, was published with Belladonna* Collaborative. She co-edits a fly-by-night chapbook press, Terrific Books. Recent poetry and other writing can be found or is forthcoming in Pfeil Magazine, Prelude Magazine, and elsewhere. Right now she’s making an essay film about history, poetry and place with the filmmaker Nate Lavey.

Abby Romine

Photo of Abby Romine holding an iPhone
Abby Romine is a sentimental poet and ceramicist from the Valley. Her work is marked by melodrama, irrelevant humor, and premature greys. You can find her online @cyb3rf33lings or in real life waiting for two parallel lines to meet. Her hair has grown long from waiting.

Patrick Hill

Photo of Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill is a 23-year-old poet, multimedia artist, and Production Assistant at the Brooklyn Rail. A graduate of Pratt Institute’s BFA Writing Program, his work has spanned digital and physical mediums including narrative PowerPoints, web games, bootleg graphic t-shirts, and more. Known by some and feared by others for his rabid output and extreme do-it-yourself ethos, he lives and works in Brooklyn, New York with his partner unless something terrible has happened.

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