The New Social Environment#777

I Am Writing From A Place You Have Never Been: A Rail Reading curated by Noa Mendoza

Featuring Mendoza, Alexis Almeida, a. Monti, Cecilia Pavón, and Violeta Sticotti


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Noa Mendoza curates our 128th Poetry Reading with Alexis Almeida, a. Monti, Cecilia Pavón and Violeta Sticotti.

In this talk

Alexis Almeida

A photo of Alexis Almeida
Alexis Almeida is the author of I Have Never Been Able to Sing (Ugly Duckling Presse) and most recently the translator of Dalia Rosetti’s Dreams and Nightmares (Les Figues) and co-translator of Carlos Soto Román’s 11 (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2023). Her poems, prose, translations, and interviews have recently appeared in FENCE, Oversound, BOMB, the Poetry Project Newsletter, and elsewhere. She teaches at the Bard Microcollege at the Brooklyn Public Library and edits 18 Owls Press.


A black and white photo of [Amanda Monti] eyes closed looking to the sun?
Photo by Samuel Budin
Cross-disciplinary poet based between Berlin and Brooklyn, a.Monti works with vowels and wormholes. Their projects alternate between performance, sound, translation and collaboration. Monti’s poetry collection Mycelial Person (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2021) has been adapted for radio as SporeRadical at Montez Press Radio. They are an editor with Litmus Press and are currently working on a new radio play.

Cecilia Pavón

A portrait of Cecilia Pavón
Cecilia Pavón was born in Mendoza, Argentina, in 1973. She has a degree in Literary Theory from Universidad de Buenos Aires. In 1999 co founded the independent art space and small press Belleza y Felicidad. She has published more than ten books of poetry and short stories in Argentina, Mexico, Brasil, Chile, and Uruguay. She has been translated into English: Little Joy (Semiotexte, 2021) A hotel with my name (Scrambler books, 2015,), Liquorice candies; (Scrambler books, 2016) and Belleza y Felicidad (Sand Paper Press, 2014). And into French Bombons à l’anis (Varichon & Cie., 2023). She runs Microcentro, a nomadic space dedicated to poetry readings, that organizes workshops and readings throughout different cities.

Violeta Sticotti

Photo of Violeta Sticotti
Violeta Sticotti is a writer born and based in Buenos Aires. Her first book, La Forma del río, was published by Trench Editoria in 2020. Her work appears in fantasy radio/radio fantasmal, forthcoming through Wendy’s Subway.

Noa Mendoza

Photo of Noa Mendoza.
Writer and translator Noa Mendoza is based in Brooklyn. Their first chapbook of poetry and experimental translation, fantasy radio/radio fantasmal, is forthcoming through Wendy’s Subway.

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