The New Social Environment#767

Snacks, water, cigarettes, praise, validation, exaltation: A Rail Reading Curated by Ted Rees

Featuring Rees, Emily Martin, Layer Meat, and Ryan Skrabalak


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Ted Rees curates our 125th Poetry Reading with Emily Martin, Layer Meat and Ryan Skrabalak.

In this talk

Emily Martin

A photo of Emily Martin
Emily Martin is a writer and teacher from Brooklyn. Her most recent chapbook is called Dependence, the Joistrix / How you are made and it was published by Hiding Press in 2023.

Ryan Skrabalak

A photo of Ryan Skrabalak
Ryan Skrabalak is a writer, worker, and organizer from upstate “New York” currently based in “Kansas.” He is a member of AFT 6403 and edits the poetry micropress Spiral Editions.

Layer Meat

A photo of Anna Young
Layer Meat is Anna Young. Artist, composer and performer. Born in the midwest, living in Philly, performing world wide.

Ted Rees

A portrait of Ted Rees in a denim jacket, among fall and green leaves
Ted Rees is a poet, essayist, and editor who lives and works in Philadelphia. His most recent books include Dog Day Economy (Roof Books 2022) and Thanksgiving: a Poem, a Lambda Literary Award finalist published by Golias Books in 2020. Recent essays have been published in SPT’s The Back Room and The Poetry Project Newsletter.  He is editor-at-large for The Elephants, as well as founder and co-editor of Asterion Projects with Levi Bentley. Since summer of 2020, he has been running Overflowing Poetry Workshops, an extrainstitutional online workshop space.

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