The New Social Environment#670

Will Ryman: New York, New York

Featuring Ryman and Eleanor Heartney


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Artist Will Ryman joins Rail Editor-at-Large Eleanor Heartney for a conversation. We conclude with a poetry reading by Ariel Resnikoff.

In this talk

Visit Will Ryman: New York, New York, on view at CHART through October 22, 2022 →

Will Ryman

A photograph of Will Ryman.
Widely recognized for his sculptures and public art installations, Will Ryman’s work is filled with an acute theatricality that harkens back to his early career as a playwright. The artist’s ongoing interest in literature, philosophy, and the Theatre of the Absurd manifests in his playful investigation of the folly of existence and our shared search for meaning and resolve. Material and subject are of equal importance for Ryman, whose work reveals his intuitive approach to sculpting diverse materials into expressive forms that examine essential aspects of the human experience. The artist’s prior museum exhibitions and public art installations include Will Ryman: La Villette, Parc de La Villette, Paris (2018), among others.

Eleanor Heartney

Eleanor Heartney
Portrait by Phong H. Bui
New York-based art critic Eleanor Heartney is the author of numerous books on contemporary art. Heartney is a contributor to Art in America, Artpress and Artnet and has written extensively for publications including Artnews, The New Art Examiner, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. Her books include Art & Today (2008), Postmodern Heretics: The Catholic Imagination in Contemporary Art (2004) and Doomsday Dreams: The Apocalyptic Imagination in Contemporary Art (2019). She is co-author of After the Revolution: Women who Transformed Contemporary Art, The Reckoning: Women Artists in the New Millennium (2013) and the forthcoming Mothers of Invention: The Feminist Roots of Contemporary Art. She is an Editor-at-Large for the Rail.

The Rail has a tradition of ending our conversations with a poetry reading, and we’re fortunate to have Ariel Resnikoff reading.

Ariel Resnikoff

A photo of Ariel Resnikoff
Poet Ariel Resnikoff‘s most recent works include the poetry collection, Unnatural Bird Migrator (The Operating System, 2020), the chapbook, raisin in every bite (Furniture Press, 2022), and with Jerome Rothenberg, the translingual epistolary collaboration, A Paradise of Hearing (The Swan, 2021). He is a translator of Yiddish and Hebrew poetry and prose, and his own writing has been translated into German, Russian, Spanish and French. In 2019, Ariel received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory from the University of Pennsylvania, and in 2020 he was selected as a Fulbright U.S. Scholar in Translingual Poetics.

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