The New Social Environment#659

Woody De Othello: Maybe tomorrow

Featuring De Othello and Charles Schultz


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Artist Woody De Othello joins Rail Managing Editor Charles Schultz for a conversation. We conclude with a poetry reading.

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Woody De Othello

Black and white photography portrait of artist Woody De Othello wearing a sweatshirt and beanie in an open field outdoors.
Miami-born, California-based artist Woody De Othello’s subject matter spans household objects, bodily features, and the natural world. Everyday artifacts of the domestic tables, chairs, television remotes, telephone receivers, lamps, air purifiers, etc.—are anthropomorphized in glazed ceramic, bronze, wood, and glass. Othello’s sense of humor manifests across his work in visual puns and cartoonish figuration. “I choose objects that are already very human,” says Othello. “The objects mimic actions that humans perform; they’re extensions of our own actions. We use phones to speak and to listen, clocks to tell time, vessels to hold things, and our bodies are indicators of all of those.”

Charles Schultz

Charles Schultz
Portrait by Phong H. Bui
Writer and editor Charles Schultz is Managing Editor of the Brooklyn Rail.

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