The New Social Environment#582

Radical Poetry Reading with Buck Downs

Featuring Downs, Leslie Bumstead, Heather Fuller, K. Lorraine Graham, and Rod Smith


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Buck Downs curates the 90th Radical Poetry Reading with Leslie Bumstead, Heather Fuller, K. Lorraine Graham, and Rod Smith

In this talk

Buck Downs

A photo of [Buck Downs].
Poet Buck Downs makes poetry stickers, postcards, voicemails, and other ephemera. Tachycardia: Poems 2010-2012 is available from Edge Books. A selected poems, Unintended Empire, was published by Furniture Press Books in 2017.

Leslie Bumstead

A photo of [Leslie Bumstead].
Poet Leslie Bumstead is the author of Cipher/Civilian (Edge Books). Her work has appeared in Not for Mothers Only, Boog City, Hotel Amerika, West Wind Review, and elsewhere. She teaches writing at RhizomeDC and in Maryland prisons.

Heather Fuller

A black and white photo of [Heather Fuller] with writing across the image.
Nurse and animal advocate Heather Fuller is the author of four poetry collections, including Dick Cheney’s Heart (Edge), and occasional plays, essays, stories, beer recipes, dress patterns and garden designs. She is part of a Baltimore hospital team that won a Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nursing for work during the COVID pandemic.

K. Lorraine Graham

A black and white photo of [K. Lorraine Graham] with her head on her hand.
Poet K. Lorraine Graham makes poems and texts that sometimes manifest as drawings, games and performances. She is the author of The Rest is Censored (Bloof Books), Terminal Humming (Edge Books), My Little Neoliberal Pony (Insert Blanc Press), and a little book of semiotic squares, forthcoming from Primary Writing.

Rod Smith

A photo of [Rod Smith] in sunglasses holding a cigarette.
Poet Rod Smith is the author of Touché (Wave, 2015), Deed (U. Iowa,  2007), Music or Honesty (Roof, 2003), and The Good House (Spectacular Books, 2001) and others. He edits the journal Aerial, publishes Edge Books, and manages Bridge Street Books in Washington, DC.

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