The New Social Environment

Radical Poetry Reading with Charles Theonia

Featuring Nazareth Hassan, Derica Shields, Oki Sogumi, Nora Treatbaby


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Charles Theonia hosts the 83rd Radical Poetry Reading Featuring Nazareth Hassan, Derica Shields, Oki Sogumi, Nora Treatbaby

In this talk

Charles Theonia

A portrait of Charles Theonia.
Charles Theonia is a poet, teacher, enthusiast, and transsexual without direction. They are the author of artist book Saw Palmettos (Container, 2018) and chapbook Which One Is the Bridge (Topside Press, 2015).

Nazareth Hassan

Photo of Nazareth Hassan
Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist Nazareth Hassan works in writing, performance, music, sound, video, and photography.

Derica Shields

Photo of Derica Shields
Writer Derica Shields is from South London. In 2021, A Heavy Nonpresence, her oral history project on Black Londoners’ accounts of the British welfare state, was published by Triple Canopy in 2021. Derica is currently working on Bad Practice, a book about the potentials of Black failure, forthcoming from Book Works.

Oki Sogumi

Photo of Oki Sogumi
First surfacing c. 1988 in Seoul, Korea, Oki Sogumi migrated to the U.S., and currently lives in Philadelphia. Her writing dreams via friendship, speculation, communism, and squirmy life forms.

Nora Treatbaby

Photo of Nora Treatbaby
New York City based Nora Treatbaby’s chapbook Hope Is Weird is available from Other Weapons Distro. Her first full length collection of poetry Our Air is forthcoming from Nightboat Books.

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