The New Social Environment#446

Radical Poetry Reading with Robert Kelly

Featuring Billie Chernicoff, Pierre Joris, Kimberly Lyons, and Jerome Rothenberg


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Robert Kelly curates the 64th Radical Poetry Reading featuring poetry read by Billie Chernicoff, Pierre Joris, Kimberly Lyons, and Jerome Rothenberg.

In this talk

Robert Kelly

A Portrait of Robert Kelly
American poet Robert Kelly was born in Brooklyn. He attended CUNY and Columbia University and since 1961 has taught at Bard College. He has authored more than 60 published volumes of fiction, poetry, and prose-poems. His 1967 debut novel The Scorpions first brought him a cult readership, and in 1980 his book Kill The Messenger won the Los Angeles Times Book Award. He has served as the poet-in-residence at many notable universities, including the California Institute of Technology (1971–72), Yale University (Calhoun College), University of Kansas, Dickinson College, and the University of Southern California. His fiction has been translated variously into Italian, German, and French. He was the 2016–2017 Poet Laureate of Dutchess County, New York.

Billie Chernicoff

A Portrait of Billie Chernicoff
Billie Chernicoff lives between the Hudson River and Catskill Creek. She is the author of four collections of poetry, most recently, Amoretti, published by Lunar Chandelier Collective. Work may also be found online at,, and

Pierre Joris

A portrait of Pierre Joris
Pierre Joris has moved between Europe, the US & North Africa for 55 years, publishing over 80 books of poetry, essays, translations & anthologies — most recently Interglacial Narrows (Poems 1915-2021) & Always the Many, Never the One: Conversations In-between, with Florent Toniello, both from Contra Mundum Press. In 2020 his two final Paul Celan translations came out: Memory Rose into Threshold Speech: The Collected Earlier PoetryMicroliths They are, Little Stones: Posthumous Prose. In 2019 Spuyten Duyvil published Arabia (not so) Deserta(Essays on Maghrebi & Mashreqi literature). Other recent works include A City Full of Voices: Essays on the Work of Robert Kelly , & Conversations in the Pyrenees with Adonis .

Kimberly Lyons

Image of Kimberly Lyons
Poet Kimberly Lyons is the author of Capella, (Oread Press, 2018), Approximately Near (Metambesendotorg, 2016), Soonest Mended (Belladonna Collaborative). Calcinatio (Faux Press) and a limited edition collaboration with artist Ed Epping, Mettle (Granary Books). Her essays on Joe Ceravolo, Basil King, and Bernadette Mayor have appeared in the journals Aufgabe, Paper 2, Talisman and Dispatches from the Poetry Wars. She has an essay in Message Ahead: Poets Respond to the Poems of Jonas Mekas (Rail Editions, 2019). An essay on poet Mina Loy’s novel, Insel is in A Forest of Many Stems (Nightboat, 2021) and an essay on George Quasha’s work is forthcoming in a book of essays on his work from Talisman. She lives in Brooklyn.

Jerome Rothenberg

Portrait of Jerome Rothenberg
Photo by Dirk Skiba
Internationally celebrated poet, translator, anthologist, and performer Jerome Rothenberg has published over ninety books of poetry and twelve assemblages of traditional and avant-garde poetry such as Technicians of the Sacred and Poems for the Millennium. Recent books of poetry include A Field on Mars (in English and French), The President of Desolation, The Mystery of False Attachments, and Eye of Witness: A Jerome Rothenberg Reader. He is currently assembling a transnational anthology of North and South American poetry “from origins to present.” He will be launching two titles at The Poetry Project on October 9: The President of Desolation(Black Widow Press) and The Mystery of False Attachments (Word Palace).

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