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World on Fire: Guest Critic Panel with Elizabeth Bishop & Friends

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1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Please join us for a conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Bishop, Regina Anderson, Damaris Dunn, Nicole Hamilton, and Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz on the Brooklyn Rail’s September Guest Critics Page, “World on Fire.” This discussion will be led by Rail Special Projects Editor Nick Bennett, and will conclude with a poetry reading.

In this talk

Please join us for a conversation emerging out of the Brooklyn Rail’s September Guest Critics Page “World on Fire.”

This collection of writing and art is a defense against the violence in our lives, an affirmation of life under the constant threat of erasure. Radical empathy. Stomp traces of fascism with precise intent. Culture jamming. Disruptors on the side of reimagined justice. The orchestration of crashing bricks. How it feels to survive being human in the midst of neverbeforeseen crisis such as we are living through right now. These pages bear witness as they break open words and images to make space for our bodies and lives. Kintsugi, golden joinery. What does it mean to repair? Compassionate urgency. Unlearning. Distance and perception. To be still in the still of the crisis. Biopower recaptured. The politics of survival is insufficient for the moment. — Dr. Elizabeth Bishop

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Elizabeth Bishop

A photograph of Dr. Elizabeth Bishop
Dr. Elizabeth Bishop is a writer, researcher, professor, youth advocate, Nietzschean, and surf monk. Bishop is the author of two books, Becoming Activist (2015) and Embodying Theory (2018). She lives in Brooklyn with her dog, Messy.

Regina Anderson

A photograph of Regina Anderson
Regina Anderson is a Hybrid Socialist dedicated to helping the community and the Executive Director of Food Recovery Network. Regina believes deeply that we all have a part to play in helping our communities thrive and would love to collaborate for action.

Damaris Dunn

A photograph of Damaris Dunn
Damaris Dunn is a native New Yorker and educator. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree at the University of Georgia’s Mary Frances Early College of Education. Her research interests are anti-Blackness and Black girl joy.

Nicole Hamilton

A photograph of Nicole Hamilton
Nicole Hamilton is a radical educator, trainer, curriculum designer, youth worker, circle keeper, community builder and lead consultant for Culturvate Consulting LLC. She has served as a Director for Gender Equity since 2010 working with youth and adults in school and community based partnerships.

Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz

A photograph of Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz
Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz is an award-winning associate professor at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her first full-length collection of poetry is Love from the Vortex & Other Poems (Kaleidoscope Vibrations, 2020)

Nick Bennett

A Photo of Nick Bennett
Nick Bennett is the Special Projects Editor at the Brooklyn Rail.

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