The New Social Environment#47

Daisy Desrosiers with Yasi Alipour


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Curator and May 2020 Guest Critic Daisy Desrosiers and artist Yasi Alipour discuss creative life in the context of our new social reality.

Pencil drawn image of May guest critic, Daisy Desrosiers, on an off white background. Drawn by the Rail's Publisher, Phong Bui.
Daisy Desrosiers, pencil on paper by Phong H. Bui

Daisy Desrosiers is an independent curator and researcher based in Montreal. Desrosiers is the inaugural Director of Artist Programs at the Lunder Institute for American Art at Colby College. She is an interdisciplinary art historian and independent curator. Her thesis concerns the cultural, post-colonial, and material implications of the use of sugar in contemporary art. In 2018, she was the inaugural recipient of the Nicholas Fox Weber curatorial fellowship, affiliated with the Glucksman Museum (Cork, Ireland), as well as a curatorial fellow-in-residence at Art in General (Brooklyn, NY).

In the Rail:

Yasi Alipour (Columbia University, MFA 2018) is an Iranian artist/writer/folder who currently lives in Brooklyn and wonders about paper, politics, and performance. She is a teacher at Columbia University and SVA and is currently a resident at the Sharpe Walentas Studio program. For further information, please visit

Yasi is also a contributor of the Rail. To see a full list of her contributions, please visit this page.

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