The New Social Environment#22

Alvin Hall with Charles Schultz


1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Author Alvin Hall and the Brooklyn Rail’s managing editor Charles Schultz discuss creative life in the context of our new social reality.

This is a pencil drawn portrait of Author and Art Collector, Alvin Hall with an off-white background, drawn by the Rail’s publisher Phong Bui.

Alvin Hall is a financial educator, award-winning television and radio broadcaster, best-selling author, and art collector. His recent broadcasts include: The Green Book (BBC Radio 4), “Alvin Hall Goes Back to School” (The Takeaway, PRI with WNYC). His children’s book, Show Me the Money, has been published in 20 foreign-language editions. He has performed on NPR’s The Moth. Hall lives in New York City where he’s completing a memoir of his childhood and his first podcast series.

In the Rail:

Charles Schultz is the Managing Editor of the Brooklyn Rail.

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